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Warren Benedetto attended Cornell University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Evolution And Human Behavior. He didn’t minor in anything, but if he had, it probably would have been something equally useless.

After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in being famous. Upon his arrival, he was informed that there were already enough famous people, and his services would not be needed.

Never one to be deterred, Warren enrolled in USC and earned a Master’s degree in TV/Film Writing. “Now can I be famous?” he asked. “No, sorry,” Los Angeles said. “But you can be unemployed, if you’d like.”

Equipped with $200,000 in debt and zero marketable skills, he taught himself graphic design, HTML/CSS/JS, AS2/AS3, PHP/MySQL, AJAX, and a bunch of other acronyms. Then he somehow managed to convince some people that he actually knows what all those letters mean.

Lucky for him, most companies’ main hiring criteria for a web developer is that he must be unusually handsome, athletic, and charming. When they can’t find anybody like that, they hire Warren instead.

Warren now invests the bulk of his time running Transfusion Media, his Los Angeles based creative studio specializing in graphic design, PHP/MySQL programming and Flash development for Facebook apps, Flash widgets, websites, and Rich Internet Applications.

He hasn’t had any spare time since 1994, but if he did, he would spend it writing screenplays, playing professional basketball, becoming the next great white rapper, and napping.

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