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Sometimes I regret not beating our children. Parents have been beating their kids since time immemorial. Your dad beat you, you beat your kid, your kid will beat his kid – it’s tradition. Beatings are handed down through generations, like a secret family recipe. Grandma’s apple pie. Mom’s chicken soup. Dad’s back-handed bitch-slap. Some parents have kids [...]
[DISCLAIMER: This is a post about offensive words. If you are easily offended, then fuck you. Just kidding. Seriously, if you're easily offended – like, if you thought John Mayer was wrong for using the n-word while making his point that he has not earned the right to say the n-word – then [...]
This weekend, my wife and I found ourselves filled with the Easter spirit — as well as enough marshmallow Peeps to send the average human into a diabetic coma — so we decided to take the kids to an Easter carnival at the local park. The highlight of the carnival was, of course, the Easter egg [...]